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This situation is not true when you generate only a named key pair. This command is not saved in the router configuration; however, the RSA keys generated by this command are saved in the private configuration in NVRAM which is never displayed to the user or backed miami crypto events to another device the next time the configuration is written to NVRAM.

If the configuration is not saved miami crypto events NVRAM, the generated keys are lost on the next reload of the router. There are two mutually exclusive types of RSA key pairs: miami crypto events keys and general-purpose keys.

Cypto you generate RSA key pairs, grow crypto will be prompted to select either special-usage keys or general-purpose keys. If you generate miami crypto events keys, two pairs of Read more keys will be generated. If you plan to have both types of RSA authentication methods in your IKE policies, you may prefer to generate special-usage keys.

With special-usage keys, each key is not exposed. Without special-usage keys, one key is used for both authentication methods, increasing the exposure of that key.

If you generate general-purpose keys, only one pair of RSA keys will be miam. Therefore, a general-purpose key pair might get used more frequently than a special-usage key pair.

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