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This certification happens on a public blockchain, allowing us to create an ownership history log. The pNFT is a digital representation of the physical object to which it is linked, learn more here digital twin.

It provides lss crypto the advantages of a conventional NFT unique, traceable, immutable, and while abstracting much lss crypto the complexity lss crypto in trading pcn crypto physical asset.

Galileo's pNFTs provide a valuable tool for buyers and sellers to establish the authenticity of the underlying asset. The Galileo protocol will allow most people and businesses to tokenise real-world assets into NFTs. The LEOX utility token functions as a digital currency lss crypto can use on the Internet when dealing with physical assets. LEOX will also enable critical functions, including serving as a medium of exchange for platform services, milestone rewards, transaction fees, and governance rights.

The pNFT token model allows Galileo to lss crypto a lss crypto of trust. This trust can offer many operational efficiencies and cost reductions for businesses see more in luxury markets. Click here classes such as real estate, luxury watches, or precious metals help to hedge against inflation or economic instability.

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