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So we have a basic algorithm, now what about its execution. Software and hardware infrastructure is a big topic due to the requirements layout loyo the beginning of the article. Market making is basically a low-latency strategy. We invested a lot in building a market making software platform to execute algorithms, basically an operating system, that also covers connectivity to different exchanges, and translates all the messages click the following article events into a crypto logo free chip format understandable to all our algorithms.

Now all our infrastructure runs on over 80 production servers and an additional 50 for lovo and staging purposesand we are not the biggest crypto logo free chip in the industry. So yes, we could say that market making is mainly a software business and we are all engineers. To play or test, yes. But for production operations of providing liquidity. For all the reasons explained in the last point, definitely not. They click too slow and too immature from a technological perspective, and you will just slowly bleed out of capital.

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The lack of information regarding the individuals responsible crypto logo free chip the development and operation of Crypto Bank raises questions about the transparency and accountability of the platform. It is common for legitimate companies and platforms cfx crypto provide information crypto logo free chip their founders and team members to establish credibility and trust among users.

The absence of such information may lead to skepticism and concerns about the legitimacy of Crypto Bank. Users should exercise caution when engaging with platforms that do not disclose the identities of their creators, as it can make it see more to hold them accountable for any issues or concerns that may arise.