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He received arena section 107 message on Telegram from an unknown who offered him an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency.

Thinking it was a legitimate opportunity to earn more money and increase his investments, Chaudhary agreed to invest and joined a Telegram group. To start with, he was asked to invest Rs 10, for arena section 107 he read article back Rs 15, in return.

This boosted his confidence and made him plan for more investment. Subsequently, he ended up investing a larger amount of Rs 12 lakh. But as soon as he invested a significant amount, he was denied any return and the scammers stopped contacting him. Initially, I invested 10 thousand, and after some time, I received 15 thousand in return," Chaudhary told the new agency. Due to this, I became greedy and invested about. The investigation is ongoing and they have advised people to be careful online and not fall for any too-good-to-be-true opportunities.

How to stay safe.

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Once these steps are completed, you will have successfully opened a crypto exchange account. Should I keep my crypto on exchange or wallet. Is it better to hold crypto in a wallet. Which crypto wallet is best Australia. Why does a crypto exchange need my ID.